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Smart-View Auto

Benefits as a Fleet Manager

Smart-View Auto allows its users managerial functions. One of the functions is the Driver Behavioural Report. This report is virtuously based on the data provided by the installed auto devices.

Data from devices is analysed to provide accurate information used as a measure and tool for behavioural analytics. This will aid management to make well-informed decisions based on the report

Total Harsh Brakes

In the case of vehicle theft, one of the benefits of real-time tracking is to help you locate your vehicle easily.

Total Harsh Acceleration

You will know when an employee is using the vehicle without your permission. Unauthorized usage is the leading cause of fuel wastage.

Total Speed Violations

Managing all your assets from a single web-based IOT portal. Admin Users have easy access to answer inquiries rapidly and accurately.

Total Max Pedal Position

Securely tracking the location and health of valuable assets and inventory. Having detailed information on the whereabouts of all Fleets.

Total High RPM

Remotely track your fleets, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money and create new revenue streams.

How the Smart-View IoT Tracker Works


The user is able to draw a geofence, to set route boundaries for each fleet or vehicle.

Indoor & Outdoor Trackin

Tracking devices indoors, inside a warehouse as well as Outside on delivery or service routes.

Detailed Driver Report

Track and trace routes and location of past fleet trips by select the date range of the respective device.

Real-Time Tracking

The device inside the vehicle transmits its realtime position on regular intervals.

Email Alert

In the event that the fleet moves outside the set boundary, the linked user will receive a notification via email.

Smart-View Documentation

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Getting Started Guide

Smart-View Auto Manual

About Us

Smart-View Technology was founded in 2018 and originates from South Africa. Together with the latest technology, passionate staff and solution-driven technology, Smart-View has seen tremendous growth with the introduction of IoT networks from the likes of Sigfox and SqwidNet.


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