Smart-View supports most water meter devices

Smart-View Water meter device support

Enabling tenants to monitor their water consumption online is not supposed to be a mammoth task. Manual water metering is tedious and does not allow your tenants to act on leaks or burst pipes in time to avoid bill shock. Even more, you might also depend on your local municipality to bill and manually calculate utility costs for tenants. It’s time for you to upgrade your water meter to smart meters and integrate it into the Smart-View Utility monitoring system.

Smart-View Utilities Management

Reading your water consumption manually might have worked for you. However, as you know, everything is now moving to innovative data insights where you get to monitor your utilities in the palm of your hand. Imagine being able to reduce unnecessary water consumption, detect burst pipes, leak, irregular consumption, and automate your utility billing. 

Using our Smart-View Utilities Management solution, tenants can now monitor and manage their consumption efficiently, providing transparency between the managing agent and the tenants.

The success of our water & electricity monitoring platform is the ability to integrate data streams from a variety of devices & sources. There is no need to replace existing water meters this allows a huge saving on your initial CAPEX cost. The Smart-View cloud-based platform powered by Google Cloud Services supports a portfolio of data integration mechanisms & devices.

Smart-View utility supports the following device. 

Smart Ready:

  1. Kamstrup
  2. Diehl Hydrys
  3. GWF


  1.  VisioAuqa
  2. Telbit Smart-Water
  3. Diehl Izar RS868

At Smart-View, we integrate the readings of your devices on our efficient platform for you to monitor your water usage effectively. 


Smart-View aims to help customers save money & improve efficiency by using our innovative solutions. 

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