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Virgin Active Sustainable Growth using GreenTrack Energy Efficiency: A New Era in Energy Management

Virgin-Active in South Africa, recognized as one of the world's largest health and fitness centers, has decisively advanced its sustainability agenda by adopting an all-encompassing utility management solution. In its commitment to environmental preservation, Virgin-Active has adeptly equipped its vital equipment with a monitoring system, targeting the chillers, inline heaters, plate heat exchangers, and hot water storage tanks. This strategic initiative has significantly enhanced the division's oversight of energy and thermal performance, reinforcing its leadership role in the fitness sector's sustainable practices.


Connect your facilities data and unlock insights

The journey of Virgin Active Sustainable Growth using GreenTrack Efficiency began with the integration of a state-of-the-art monitoring system in the club's plant room. This system, serving as the eyes and ears of our sustainability crusade, provides much-needed clarity and data-driven insights. It sets the stage for more responsible management of energy, water, and thermal performance, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable development and efficient resource use.

The Results

Gaining Insights for Improvement


Resource Efficiency

The plant room monitoring system has greatly enhanced resource efficiency and meticulous energy and thermal management.

Operational Insights

The facility has gained valuable operational insights, enabling the identification and rectification of wastages and inefficiencies promptly.

Cost Savings

The implementation has led to substantial cost savings, with a notable 6500 kWh reduction monthly, contributing to the overall financial sustainability of the facility.

Environmental Impact

The initiative positively impacts the environment, aligning with Virgin Active's commitment to sustainability and utility management.
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