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Achieve Sustainable Operations with Our Energy Management System and Monitoring Software for Net-Zero Goals

Unlock actionable insights with our energy-efficient software—drive cost-effective operations today!


Construct net-zero, energy-conserving facilities immediately to advance sustainability

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Transform the way you handle data with our solution. Say goodbye to the old methods of data analysis. Our cutting-edge platform analytics system effortlessly tracks your energy usage, aligning it with established patterns, and swiftly signals any deviations in consumption. This innovative approach can dramatically cut down the time you spend on energy data analysis by up to 80%

Simplifying Energy Management

Discover the simplicity of energy management with our user-friendly dashboard, designed specifically for energy managers and business owners. This intuitive tool empowers you to make smart business choices, enabling the identification and reduction of energy waste, cost savings, enhancement of sustainability, and a decrease in carbon footprint.

Comprehensive and Instantaneous Data Integration

Our platform redefines data integration, offering a seamless aggregation of various real-time data sources. We also integrate seamlessly with a range of third-party sources, including Building Management Systems & Scada Systems. Our commitment is to provide you with a holistic view of all the data you need, efficiently and instantly.

Experience the Ease of Energy Monitoring with Our User-Oriented Features


Analyze consumption trends

Discover how your consumption evolves over time and assess the financial benefits of your energy-saving strategies. Input specific adjustment values and keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators that matter most to your organization

Analyzing Operational Energy Waste

Efficiently identify cost-saving opportunities with our waste analytics reporting. The report is designed to be clear and intuitive. It effectively identifies areas of strength as well as aspects that require enhancement in energy efficiency.

Bespoke Advanced BI Reporting

Our advanced BI Reporting offers user-driven customization for off-platform report creation, tailored to meet your organization's specific needs and strategic objectives, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability
Energy Management System Made Easy

About Energy Management System

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a pivotal tool for organizations aiming to optimize their energy usage and reduce costs while enhancing sustainability. At its core, an EMS integrates hardware, software, and services to monitor, control, and analyze energy consumption across various processes and systems.

Energy Management System
Energy Management System
Energy Metering Made Easy

Optimize Resources & Operations

Identify opportunities to save resources and optimize operations. Collect, manage, analyze, and report data to enhance operations, achieve cost savings, and promote sustainable practices

Energy Metering Made Easy

Utility Insights and Financial Performance

Explore comprehensive utility insights with SmartView Technology's dashboard, showcasing Utility Efficiency & Financial Performance. Effortlessly monitor water, electricity, and gas consumption per sale, analyze utility costs, and compare year-over-year and month-over-month financials to optimize your resource allocation and drive down costs.

Delve into operational efficiency using real-time energy analytics for in-depth performance insights

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