Looking for a smart water monitoring solution that saves money without increasing your daily efforts?

Water Metering for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Smart Water metering made Easy

Whether you're a factory owner or facility manager it's time to say goodbye to manual on-site meter readings. Smart-View offer real-time remote monitoring to detect and solve sensitive issues like leaks, breakdowns, burst pipes, and more.

Water Monitoring for Agriculture Needs

Water management using state-of-the-art technology

Overwatering can cause many problems such as leaching losses of fertilizer, poor germination which often leads to a poor stand of crops. But no more now!! Using Smart-View water monitoring solution, you can now set thresholds to manage water consumption and get regular alerts if thresholds are being breached.

Water Monitoring Livestock Needs

Water Management that saves lives

Do you know? Every year, thousands of livestock animals die due to the consumption of contaminated water and water deprivation. To meet the demands, we offer our special water monitoring livestock service to monitor water consumption 24/7. Along with that, our installed IoT devices backed by Smart-View Technology efficiently tracks livestock water consumption.

Water Monitoring & Billing for Managing Agents

Reducing cost, simplifying administration and improving efficiency

For real-time measurement of water consumption, our platform helps customers manage water in organizations, residential areas, and commercial properties to help lower water bills and minimize water damage. Using our high-quality water sensing instruments, we detect anomalies early and have comprehensive benchmark reports to track your sustainability.


Remote reading

Save a big chunk of your time and say goodbye to manual on-site meter readings.

Leakage Detection

Detects leakages and catch early anomalies by use of ai & machine learning

Automate billing

We integrated with your billing system to automate your billing process

Retrofit to existing water meters

Our devices can be installed on existing water meters


Get actionable insights with real time analytics

Data Analytics

Realize the power of advanced and predictive analytics

Fully Managed

Ease of use with no IT complexity


Serve multiple customer from one platform
We are here to answer your questions 24/7

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