Explore the possibilities of a Smart Water Metering System 

Smart-View Technology provides enterprise-grade smart metering solutions. Our advanced software allows for real-time monitoring and management of consumption, making it easier for businesses to control costs and improve efficiency.

Looking for a smart water monitoring solution that saves money without increasing your daily efforts? Whether you’re a factory owner or facility manager it’s time to say goodbye to manual on-site meter readings.

Smart meters are a vital aspect of today’s water management using IoT. Further it allows for accurate and effective water monitoring in near real time. 

Why Use Smart Water Meters

Utilities costs keep rising hence it is important to keep track of your water consumption. This helps avoid high bills, detect leaks, water shortages and effectively manage and thereupon preserve our resources. This is done evidently by collecting data and using this information in a timely manner to make overall informed decisions.

How it Works

Monitoring water smartly is done with an advanced technology device called an IoT device. Henceforth this device allows the remote data collection of water consumption in real-time. This technology is equipped to transmit the reading over the air for homes and businesses subsequently saying goodbye to manual readings.

Metering Platform Benefits

As utility professionals, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate water management. Our solution offers the following key benefits:

    1. Improve operational visibility and efficiency
    2. Respond informed to incidents
    3. Reduce non-revenue water
    4. Realtime remote monitoring
    5. Detect Water Leaks
    6. Burst Pipe Detection
    7. Automatic Billing & Reporting

    Our reporting is delivered to your inbox giving you an overview of your utilities. All this while allowing you to focus on what matters most at your facility.

      Cost Benefits

      The cost of installing and maintaining smart water meters can be costly. However, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial costs.

      Smart-View Utilities Solution

      Smart-View Technology strives to give the best water monitoring solution to our clients. Therefore allowing you to concentrate on more serious issues. Thus using our cutting-edge technology and data analytics, we can help you improve your water management and preserve resources. Our solution is easy to use so that you can manage your utilities and reduce your water consumption. 

      If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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