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Smart-View Utilities solution supporting you on your SDG journey

Looking for a smart water metering & monitoring solution that saves money, without increasing your daily efforts?

Ninety percent of water consumed in the world today is used for agricultural or industrial purposes, highlighting the crucial role that businesses must play in promoting the responsible use and effective governance of this global water resources.

Water Use Efficiency

This involves monitoring your own water use and taking appropriate actions ranging from internal (improving water efficiency, reducing water inputs, investing in wastewater treatment, water reuse) to external collaborations to address risks and impacts in water intensive sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, and extractives


How We Assist Your Business

We help you develop and implement a holistic water strategy that are socially equitable, environmental sustainable, and economically beneficial


Visibility baseline establishment

Create a water consumption baseline using existing consumption data

IoT Smart-Metering & Management

Provide consumption visibility by installing IoT meters at strategic points.

Data driven decisions & insights

Real time insights & Machine Learning, for faster reporting and analysis

Water conservation

Implement a water stewardship master plan & closely monitor which actions deliver the most rewards

We Implement the entire water stewardship strategy that vows your Success


Get actionable insights with real time analytics

Data Analytics

Realize the power of advanced and predictive analytics

Fully Managed

Ease of use with no IT complexity


Manage multiple sites from one platform