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How CRA solved their inefficient, inaccurate billing and recovered all revenue at longbeach village

Case Study: Utility Management Residential

The challenge

The current metering and billing processes are inefficient, inaccurate, frustrating, and costly – CRA had these sub-metering challenges at the Longbeach Village Estate, in some instances, meters are difficult to access and read. This leads to slow revenue recovery and there was no integration with current systems. Tenants also did not have a view of their consumption.

As Specialist community schemes property accountants CRA ,always try to stay ahead of the curve using the Best Technology partners, not only to provide value to their customers but also the end user. By digitizing the sub-metering component using Sigfox Network, Visiosoft hardware and the Smart-View Platform, this is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

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The solution

Using the Smart-View Utilities platform the end users can now monitor and manage their consumption efficiently providing transparency between the Managing Agent and the tenant. The tenant gets a real-time leak, burst pipe notifications to avoid bill shocks. With a click of a button, the Managing Agent exports readings for import into their dedicated tenant billing software. This means no more manual processes.


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