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Energy ,Water and Sustainability Software for Retail

Our Utility Management Solution empowers owners and managers of extensive retail building portfolios to enhance energy, water efficiency across numerous locations. For those overseeing multiple large retail buildings, it's essential to have a platform that can collect, visualize, and analyze meter data from hundreds stores to achieve energy, water efficiency and cost savings.

Smart-View Technology - Retail Utility Management
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The exclusive energy, water and sustainability utility management system designed for retail

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Enhance efficiency and reduce expenses throughout your production lines and facilities

Energy Efficiency

Identify key energy and water users, prioritize savings initiatives, reduce costs, and confirm savings. Focus more on impactful projects to build a lasting legacy.

GHG accounting

Focus less on the collection and calculation of GHG, water, and waste metrics, and more on efforts to decrease emissions, contributing to a better world.

Probe into the aspects of
production efficiency

Where Efficiency Meets Satisfaction

Discover resource-saving potentials and streamline processes in the facilities you oversee. Accumulate, organize, examine, and report data to effectively manage your projects and deliver savings.

Smart-View Technology Retail Utility Management

Solar Performance Report

Gain insights into your solar energy usage and cost savings with our detailed Solar Performance Report. Monitor grid cost replacement and solar charges in real-time. Understand the environmental impact by tracking oil barrels saved, CO2 reduction, and trees preserved. Achieve transparency and efficiency in your energy management efforts.

Download our detailed product brochure to explore all the features and benefits we offer.

Flexible Pricing Plans


  • Essential Utility Management - Offers foundational tools for efficiently monitoring and managing utility consumption, ensuring accurate tracking of water, electricity, and gas usage


  • Professional Utility Management - Improves cost management through basic utility bill verification, supplemented by real-time analytics and alerts.


  • Enterprise Utility Management: Integrates advanced reporting and analytics, featuring billing audits, usage visualization, carbon tracking, and predictive BI enhancements for strategic decision-making.
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