Return on investment: Smart water metering for C&I users

Return on Investment : smart water meters for C&I users

Smart water metering uses advanced metering infrastructure and data analytics to accurately measure and track water usage in real-time. This technology is uniquely designed to assist organisations in accurately monitoring & managing water consumption. This increases profitability and ensures minimum impact on the environment and our people.

ROI : Smart Water Metering

There are many benefits of smart water metering for industrial and commercial users. One of those benefits is that it allows them to better understand and manage their water usage. With accurate, real-time data on water consumption, companies can identify patterns and trends in their usage.

This would allow them to make adjustments to reduce their overall water usage and costs. This is beneficial for large industrial facilities, such as factories or power plants, which typically have higher water usage and costs.

Smart water metering can also help companies identify and resolve leaks and other issues that may be causing high water usage. By quickly detecting and fixing these issues, companies can save money on their water bills and reduce their environmental impact.

Let’s take a look at one of Smart-View Technology customer success story:


The challenge

After the drought, Virgin Active stayed committed to setting an example and undertook extensive measures to save water. At the same time, they were continuing to maintain operations after the water-scarce conditions and austere restrictions sustainably. The Smart-View solution enabled Virgin Active to identify their overall consumption and pinpoint when and where usage was excessive to implement opportunities to save.

The solution

Virgin Active installed IoT devices powered by Smart-View Technology that enabled Virgin- active to understand their water usage patterns. Virgin Active could set a baseline threshold for each gym and monitor water usage after hours using this data. This also helped discover leaks & inefficiencies that were not evident before.

The results

  1.  Resulted in an estimated cost saving of over 1000kl for the first month.
  2.  Reduced excessive water consumption.
  3.  Insight to detect wastage that led to cost savings.

Smart Metering: Resources and Integration

With this data, utilities can identify and address issues such as leaks and system inefficiencies. This will improve the overall reliability and quality of the water supply. Industrial and commercial users should also look at the use of an Energy Management Systems (EMS) to optimize their water usage. By aligning it with their energy consumption can also help companies to meet their environmental goals.

It is clear that smart water metering offers a range of benefits for industrial and commercial users which leads to a positive ROI. As this technology continues to evolve and become more widely adopted, it is likely to play an important role in the water management strategies of companies.

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